Capital Diesel Is Always Here When You Need Them Most

Capital Diesel Truck Repair is here for you no matter the problem. It could be an unexpected tire repair or inspection before a long drive, no matter what the reliable team at capital diesel has got you covered


Sacramento, CA— Capital Diesel RV Repair Sacramento believes in only the best for their customers, which is why they don’t scrimp on hiring mechanics without years of knowledge of the industry. Some of them have made a living solely as mechanics while others experience lives as truckers RV enthusiasts themselves. They understand that losing a tire can make or break a vacation and that on-site truck and trailer repairs are crucial to getting jobs done on time.


When an accident does take place, it’s already difficult enough to manage the repairs and time lost without having to worry about the fees. Capital Diesel mobile truck repair makes sure to keep all of their prices fair and competitive, based on what the customer needs. They’ll never try to sell you on repairs just to make more money and will always fix the problem in the most efficient way possible. Their mobile team can meet you where you’re at, equipped with their supplies as well as spare tires and other parts so that there is no traveling between locations to get you back on the road.

Do you operate a fleet of vehicles in need of an inspection before their next journey? Capital Diesel offers DOT, BIT, and other annual tests as well as services for entire fleets of trucks and buses. They can run virtually any test and ensure you’re up to date on all documents needed for cross-country transport.


Capital diesel is open weekdays and can be reached by phone at (916) 949-4882, and by email. To learn about their services and stay up to date, be sure to visit