Capital Diesel Makes Winter Inspections Easier

Capital Diesel Makes Winter Inspections Easier

Winter is the perfect season to perform your annual inspections. This is the time of year when people are forced to slow down from colder weather. Trips are less frequent, so your truck or RV is not being used as often. Capital Diesel offers the best mobile truck repair and RV repair in Sacramento to make sure your vehicle stays healthy throughout the year.

Simple and honest inspections

The worst part of getting an annual inspection for some truck repair near me is the time and energy to go to a repair shop, drop your vehicle off, and wait for the inspection to happen. Capital Diesel takes the hard work out of that process. When you call their mobile repair shop, an experienced technician will come to you and perform the inspection and necessary repairs on the spot.

If you have a fleet of trucks that need regular inspection, you’re also covered. Capital Diesel will make a trip to the location of your fleet and inspect the vehicles all at once. This is an incredibly valuable service for any fleet owner. It takes the logistics out of getting an inspection and it keeps the trucks safe as they travel on the road. You not only make sure that your drivers are safe, but you also save yourself hefty repair expenses down the road.

Expert emergency repairs

If your truck or RV breaks down on the road, Capital Diesel can be there to get you up and running again. They respond to any issue within a 50-mile radius of Sacramento and will be on the scene in 30 minutes or less. When you’re stranded without a backup plan, that time you save is essential.

And because you know you’re getting an experienced technician to respond to the call, you can be sure that they’ll be able to help. Capital Diesel has the ability to fix problems large and small right at the location of the breakdown. From dead headlights to refrigeration issues, their technicians have seen it all and can use their knowledge to get you back out there.

If your issue is a flat tire, Capital Diesel is the right place to turn to. They keep most sizes and styles in stock at all times. That means that you won’t have to wait until they can find the tire you need. They can confirm your tire specifications and bring the inventory with them.

It’s no fun to think about repairs and annual inspections, but when you’re working with a company like Capital Diesel, getting maintenance done is less of a headache. That’s just part of the reason why they are the best mobile truck repair service in Sacramento. So, when you need some help with your vehicle this winter, give them a call!