Capital Diesel Shares Tips for Keeping Trucks Running Properly This Winter

With the arrival of the winter holiday season, many people will be traveling to visit friends and family. Increased traffic on the roadways means that truck drivers need to make sure that their truck is ready to withstand snowstorms, rain, and sleet. Capital Diesel, a company providing truck repair in Sacramento, is sharing tips on how to prepare trucks for the winter months.

New tires are essential to keeping a truck running safely and smoothly throughout winter. Tires designed for winter driving conditions reduce the risk of blowouts and tearing, and they give the driver better steering control. Winter tires also reduce traction from stopping and accelerating on the roads. When choosing the right tires for a truck, the owner needs to consider factors such as what road types the vehicle will be traveling on as well as how many miles the truck will travel over the holidays.

Once winter tires have been selected, truck drivers need to pay attention to tire pressure. writes, “Cold temperatures drop your tire pressure. On average, a tire loses 1 PSI for every 10-degree Fahrenheit temperature drop. Check your tire pressure regularly to maintain optimum performance. The recommended tire pressure is the same for winter tires as for other tires.”

In addition to new tires, a truck driver can also invest in new windshield wipers that will help provide visibility in the middle of rainfall or snow flurries. Wipers should sit firmly against the windshield to reduce smudging on the glass.

A new oil change will keep a truck’s engine running at peak performance during winter travels. Some oil change services provide low-temperature oil change options that will keep trucks running on the icy roads. It is also a wise idea to take advantage of a courtesy check from an auto care facility, such as Firestone Complete Auto Care. Expert technicians will inspect a truck’s components, including the battery, tires, wipers, fluids, belts, lights, and engine. They help make sure that the truck is ready to brave the winter weather.

While preparation is important, not every roadway incident is foreseeable or avoidable. Truck drivers should identify a mobile truck repair company that they can trust for quick repairs in the event of a tire blowout or brake issue. Capital Diesel offers comprehensive truck road service to get trucks and trailers back on the road. Roadsides repairs include leak detection and repair, brake repair, electrical and lighting repair, and starting and charging system repair. The company also provides basic roadside assistance, including fuel deliveries, jump starts, and lockouts. Diesel mechanics are available 24 hours a day, and Capital Diesel personnel can be onsite in thirty minutes or less.

Capital Diesel provides the Sacramento area with 24/7 full-service mobile truck repairs. The company services trucks, trailers, RVs, and buses.


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