Quick Mobile Truck Repair Service from Capital Diesel

Capital Diesel Offers Fast Truck Repair Service Around the Sacramento Area

When you break down on the side of the road, time is of the essence. You may have a time-sensitive delivery in your truck, and the longer you sit on the road, the less safe you are. Some repair needs ramp up the pressure even more, like a refrigeration unit that has suddenly died or an overheated engine. That’s why Capital Diesel is the most highly sought-after mobile truck repair Sacramento.

Always on time

Customers come to Capital Diesel again and again for their truck repair and Mobile RV repair needs. That’s because they perform reliable services quickly and efficiently. Your call will be responded to in 30 minutes or less with an experienced technician who can diagnose and perform repairs on site. With mobile truck repair and RV repair, you don’t have to worry about physically getting to the shop for a tune-up. Capital Diesel brings the shop to you.

Capital Diesel responds within a 60-mile radius of Sacramento, so the surrounding area is covered by this reliable service. And it really is reliable. All of their technicians have years of experience under their belt before they can be hired. You know that your call will be responded to not just quickly but by an expert.

A wide range of services

No matter what your reason is for calling, Capital Diesel will provide equal amounts of care. Some repair shops won’t bother with jobs that they deem too small – and if they do, it’s not given the time and consideration of bigger jobs. But Capital Diesel is focused on the experience of each of their customers. They treat every situation like an emergency and are equipped to provide repairs for problems big and small.

Let’s take refrigeration units. A failing refrigeration unit could mean that the goods you’re transporting are in danger of going bad before you get there. Capital Diesel is trained to repair Thermo King and Carrier refrigeration units so you can rest easy. But they are just as meticulous with a worn-out window wiper or broken headlight. Every pair will get you back on the road quickly and safely.

While speed and efficiency are important priorities for Capital Diesel, their guiding principle is to provide quality service to all of their customers. That’s the reason behind every repair that allows your truck to run in a trustworthy way. They can even provide repairs to an entire fleet of trucks with their annual, DOT, and BIT inspections. When you need a repair, you can expect great service from Capital Diesel.