Maintenance Tips for Trucks

Essential Tips for Truck Maintenance in Summer

The following are some important points one must follow, which require extra focus during warmer days for keeping their truck maintained.

Cooling system:

The levels of antifreeze concentration must be accurately checked. If this ratio of antifreeze-to-water is off, the cooling system will not work correctly or even fail to operate in such weather. The fan clutch, radiator mounts, fan shrouds must also be regularly monitored. There must be basic maintenance done for the cooling module with the help of a pressure push of the charger and radiator along with the condenser of the air conditioner from the engine’s place. This also helps to push the debris from the cores. It would help if you were careful that there must be no bending of the fan blades or to the cooling fins.

Air conditioning system:

It would help if you kept monitoring any leakage. If there is any noise you hear from the blower motor, so here comes a time that it needs to be changed. You need to check the refrigerant leaks regularly. It is suggested to keep proper checks and balances on the hose, bends, and fittings, also on the flex points. It would help if you cleaned the condenser, and that must be free of any dirt. Check the filters to see they are not plugged. If the Air conditioning system does not work properly, your driver might not drive the truck and will, for sure, sign on with the fleet on the road.


Due to hot weather, the rubber of the tire easily breaks. It is suggested to check the tread depth. You can use a tread gauge that can help to measure. The tire pressure must be checked regularly. The tires that are over-inflated or under-inflated quickly get hot that can blowout any time. It will help if you see for the inflation pressure of the tires that should match the pressure which is needed to handle the load. For accuracy purposes, you must examine the calibration from time to time. You need to also see for the damage to the tire’s tread and side area, which requires focus to an exposed belt or the ply material. It will help if you check for the uneven wear, dual tire, other debris that may harm your tire and cause problems. There might be a truck alignment if there are irregular wear patterns found. You need to see if the wheels are cracked or not along with the bolt holes that have become elongated because of loose nuts.


It has been noted that the heat destroys the regular battery. In such weather, sulfation also forms quickly. You need to see for the signs of corrosion. There can be an increase in corrosion that may result in less voltage. There must be a clean brush that can help to clear the corrosion and the residue left. You can also use a battery cleaner that helps to neutralize the acid. Check for any cracks in the battery. You also need to see that all the connections are tight. The battery must be tested by charging. You can also use a hydrometer, which helps to check the cells of the battery. It results in weak cells when the readings are different. You need to replace the battery immediately if the cells readings are low.

Electrical system:

You must keep checking the battery, test the alternator, and check if there is any corrosion in warmer weather. It is important to get maintenance of the electrical system when the temperature is warm that will help to keep corrosion away from the vehicle. It would help if you kept an eye on cable routing, which can prevent abrasion damage or chafing. Avoid using test light along with a piercing probe during this testing process as they may form holes in the system, which may permit moisture to go inside and then leads to corrosion in the system.

Belts and hoses:

Due to vibrations, contaminations, and heat exposure, the hoses and belts are formed. It would help if you regularly inspected that may help to determine the belt’s condition. The belts must be monitored for proper tension. Along with this, the automatic tensioner should also be checked. A person should keep in mind to keep tracking the belt misalignment. When we talk about coolant hose, this is something different. This degrades from inside that can not be seen from outside. You can squeeze the ends that can help to check a hose. You need to get it replaced immediately if it is spongy from one side. It can also result in bulges, gouges, and abrasions. Keep in mind to also look for the seepage and extra dirt that can be seen all around the connections and wiring.