How to Keep Your Brakes in Perfect Condition

Brakes can take quite a beating throughout the course of a trip. We often forget about them because they’re so reliable. Press on the brake pad and your truck will slow until it comes to a neat stop on the road. That’s what’s supposed to happen at least. But sometimes it doesn’t.

Sometimes, vehicles have trouble making that all-important stop. And one glitch in the functioning of your brake pad doesn’t just leave you stranded. It could mean dire consequences for you or others on the road with you. That’s why it’s so important to be mindful of when your brake pads need some attention.

So, how are you to keep this essential device running smoothly? There are a few pieces of maintenance that you need to keep up with, but the benefits far exceed the effort. By following our guide, you can make sure your brakes never fail you.

Ease off the accelerator.

We know that you probably have aspirations to be the fastest vehicle on the road. There is nothing more exhilarating than putting your vehicle to the test with miles of gravel behind you. As tempting as that is, you might want to follow the lead of the slowpokes. Driving more slowly will put less stress on your brakes. If you’re consistently bringing your vehicle to a stop from high speeds, it can be a major cause of damage over time.

Replace the brake fluid.

Maintenance is an essential factor in keeping brakes in mint condition. And brake fluid is the lifeblood of your braking system. The pressure from the brake fluid is what causes the vehicle to stop. Over time, that fluid can become contaminated from excessive heat and cause damage to other parts of the braking system. To avoid that, you need to get your fluid replaced every time you bring your truck in for a maintenance check.

Keep a distance from other vehicles

It can be tempting to get up close and personal with a car that’s driving too slow. You want to encourage them to move faster so you can get where you need to go. But it’s also ineffective. What’s more likely to happen is that you’ll wear your brakes out. That’s because the constant stopping and starting that occurs when you’re bumper to bumper with another car requires a lot of effort from your brakes. Opt to go slower instead, leaving a car’s length between you and other vehicles.

Reduce your weight.

Diesel trucks carry around a lot of weight. It’s the nature of the service they provide. But if there’s an area where you can reduce how much you’re loading in your truck, do it – even if it means sending out another vehicle. If your truck is too heavy, your brakes will be putting a lot of work into each stop. By the end of the trip, you might be making a stop at the repair shop. Do your brakes a favor and lighten the load.

At Capital Diesel, we value every part of the truck, and that includes the brakes. They need to be cared for just as diligently as the engine or tires. By being mindful of how we treat our brakes and how they work, we can give them a long and fruitful life.