How to Take Care My AC Unit During Winter

How to Take Care My AC Unit During Winter

As winter approaches across the country, now is the time for truck drivers to do an annual inspection of their AC systems. Cold weather can cause problems to appear when you least expect it, which is why it’s so important to make sure that you do a preventative check of your vehicle’s AC system before temperatures drop too low.

What Problems Can Cold Weather Cause for My AC Unit?

Winter weather can be harsh on machines, even in Northern California. Any parts of your vehicle that are already damaged can get worse as the season continues, especially cracks and leaks. Temperature fluctuations combined with snow and rain could enlarge any cracks and increase the risk of leakage. Fluids that help your AC run efficiently aren’t being circulated when your heater is on, and eventually the parts that need lubrication can fail altogether. Without working AC, long car rides become a lot less comfortable, even in winter.

Locating these issues and identifying the risk of AC failure is crucial to saving you time and money in the future. By the time most fluid leaks are discovered, they’ve caused a full contamination of your AC system by flooding it with contaminates and creating an environment where bacteria can grow. This can lead to unhealthy air being circulated throughout your car, if the system still works at all. Luckily, you can seek out mobile or general truck repair and take preventative measures to ensure that your vehicle is running smoothly throughout the season and into spring.

What Can I Do to Prevent AC System Problems in My Truck?

One of the best ways to keep your AC system in working order is simply to run it. Every few weeks, allow your air conditioner to circulate for around 10 minutes. This helps make sure that all of the intricate parts of the system stay lubricated, and helps take excess moisture out of the air. Less moisture means less bacteria, and helps keep your windshield from fogging up from the cold.

Another great way to maintain your AC system’s quality is to keep your engine and vents clean in the winter.  Every once in a while, you should make sure your engine bay is clear of any dirt or debris. This will ensure you become familiar with your engine if you’re not already, and can spot any problems or irregularities if they arise. Making sure your vents are dry and dust free can also help your AC perform better in any conditions. Checking your air filters and replacing them regularly is part of keeping them clean, and can be performed by technicians during any routine maintenance check.

Lastly, it’s important to be consistent with your general, routine vehicle maintenance. A proper inspection should catch any problems before they get out of hand, but if any unusual issue pops up during cold weather, another trip to the repair shop might be necessary. Always leave difficult replacements to the experts. Any AC system or repair needs in Sacramento can be properly handled by a highly trained technician.