Making Pre-inspections Worth While

Not every trucker is going to actively conduct a detailed pre and post drive inspection on their vehicles if they can help it. More than likely, the truck will receive a cursory once over and be done with; However, these inspections can be extremely valuable practices for long-haul drivers and save you a lot of trouble down the line. Particularly pre-inspections, which can help you identify problems before they stop you on the road. Keep reading for a quick and easy guide to pre-inspections and why you should spend more time on them.

It’s not too hard to understand why pre-inspections are so important from a logical standpoint. They can help you identify any readily visible problems with your truck or trailer before you get on the road. However, in practice, these inspections can become very tedious. You may find yourself tempted to simply glance around the vehicle and look for anything that stands out. Although this might still help you find any issues that present cosmetically, there are still plenty of problems that could go undetected.

It is best to never skimp out on any part of the inspection just because you believe parts of your vehicle to be working right. Check the lights and tires, the hardware and even under the hood. Hoses, wiring, and everything in between should also be inspected. This shouldn’t be a simple 5-minute job.

Once the basic electronic and hardware test has been completed, don’t forget to perform a tug test to ensure that you won’t have any issues turning with your trailer. While this, along with several other tests aren’t required by DOT before a ride, this can help ensure not only your peace of mind, but your safety down the road. Not to mention, less stops means the job gets done faster.

Your trucking company may have its own DVIR that needs to be followed to perform a standard inspection. It’s important to stay up to date on the requirements both company wide and based on government transportation rules. Remember that every action you take on the road has an impact on both you and those around you, so ensure things are good to go before you get going!