Setting the Proper Temperature Settings for Your Thermo King & Carrier Reefer Units

Thermo King and Carrier refrigerator units can last up to 8 years when properly maintained. Still, even when they’re working right that doesn’t automatically mean you won’t spoil your load.
As a trucker, it’s important to know how to set up your trailer’s refrigerator unit right for your cargo. That’s why we want to give you an easy checklist to refer to before each trip.

1. Refer to Command Controller for Priming Your Reefer Unit

This computer device can be found inside the cabin. Use it to set the desired temperature for your cargo in back.

2. Use Auto Start-Stop for Normal Loads

It’s easy when your cargo doesn’t have restrictive temperature requirements. If your load can tolerate 5-10 degree fluctuations from your set temperature, then your auto start-stop mode is the best way to go.

3. Set to Continuous-Run Mode for Perishable Cargo

This mode maintains a fixed temperature setting for loads that spoil under the smallest difference in temperature. However, you’ll have to keep the engine and reefer unit running at all times to keep the current temperature setting.

4. ALWAYS Test and Cool Before Loading Cargo

To prevent any risk of spoilage, perform a pre-trip test on your command controller to ensure it works properly. Also, it helps to pre-set your temperature and let the trailer cool before loading any cargo. This will minimize any damage to the goods.

5. Defrost When Necessary

Most Thermo Kings and Carrier units defrost on their own at certain coil temperatures. Manual defrost should only be used when the trailer reaches a temp of 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below.

6. Don’t Forget to Report Any Irregularities or Alarms

Even when things go right, mechanical failures are always a risk. Always report alarm codes. Then reset the alarm using the “buzzer off” button, cursors and function change keys.
Now you’re set and know the best practices for setting temperatures in your reefer unit. We don’t specialize in hair extensions but we can help with truck tire repair and truck repair services.

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