RV Maintenance Tips

RV maintenance is very important if you have an RV. There are many RV things to do before and after the trip, that can get expensive, but it’s never too late to keep your RV in great shape. Read on for some RV maintenance tips to keep your RV clean and in top condition.

A couple of maintenance tips is to make sure the water pump is running properly.  Check your tire pressure with a basic tire gauge.  Make sure all fluids and liquids in your RV are kept at the right levels. If you think there may be a problem with the electrical system, there is a good chance the unit will need a battery checkup.

The water pump is one of the most important things to check. This pump is the lifeline between your RV and the road. If the pump becomes clogged with debris or clogs, then the water supply could become a potential danger. A clogged pump could make your water run low in your RV.

If you have a generator on your RV, you may have to check your batteries periodically. Replacing a battery or draining your batteries may be a good idea. After the generators are out of commission, it’s a good idea to check the wiring and make sure everything is safe.

When traveling in an RV, the most common cause of a leak is the drain plug. The drain plug is a rubber gasket that seals the drain off valve in the drain. If you notice a leak in the drain, then it’s time to replace this rubber gasket.

Another RV maintenance tip is to check your thermostat. You will find that a bad thermostat can be the cause of a leak.

With all of these RV maintenance tips, it’s important to remember that it is essential to maintain your RV in the best possible condition.

Some important maintenance checks to do before taking trips are, check the tires and tire pressure, check both the headlights and brake lights, unplug all appliances and electrical items, secure all loose items and furniture and make sure you disconnect shore power, fresh-water hose, sewer hose, and any other connections.