Truck Smells You Should Pay Attention To

It is important to pay attention to your car smell. Car smells are worth sniffing out because you can learn that car smells may hint that something is wrong with your vehicle.

If your car interior has an exhaust smell, it is one odor that should not be ignored. This smell may indicate that there is a leak in the exhaust system of your car or you may have seals that aren’t sealed correctly in your doors and windows. Exhaust fumes that are inside a closed space can be dangerous. It can even cause death in animals and humans.

You should also look out for smells of burning rubber inside your car. A smell of burning rubber inside your vehicle could be trouble. This could indicate that the belt under the hood is loose or the rubber hose is loose. The rubber smell could be caused by a belt or hose that is touching a part of the engine that is very hot, resulting in a burning rubber odor.

There are other causes that can result in a burning rubber smell inside your vehicle such as fluid leak damage or worn out drive belt or oil. Worn out brake pads can also be a cause for burning smells inside of your car. If your brake pads are worn out, they should be replaced immediately.

Many people do not think to check the AC compressor or the electrical fuse. Your AC compressor could be overheating or you may have a burned-out electrical fuse as a result of burning smells.

There may be a musty or sour smell coming from your car AC vent. This may be due to moisture that has gotten in your into the air filter or it could be coming from the drain lines of your vehicle.

Another smell could be a rotten egg smell that comes from the car vent. This smell could be a malfunction inside your fueling system or your fuel pressure sensors could be damaged or worn out in a sulfur gas can leak.

If there is a gas-like smell coming from inside your car, be sure to check your clothing because you may have gotten gas on your clothing at the gas station.