Best Way to Clean Your Truck in the Spring

Cleaning is an essential part of truck maintenance. You might have been cleaning your truck regularly, so you may think there is no need for anything to change. But, spring being what it is, makes your truck require special cleaning. Here are important tips on how to clean your truck during spring.

Always Apply Wax on the Exterior After Washing

If you have been washing your truck without waxing it before, now is the time to add waxing to your practice. Summer and spring are notorious for extreme ultraviolet rays. This component of the sun can attack your truck painting and make the color fade. But if you wax your truck, the waxing will protect the truck exterior from the ray and help preserve your truck color.

Wash the Interior With Disinfectant

Now is the right time to disinfect your truck interior. This is hygienic and essential during spring. Dust will accumulate inside your truck and might bring in germs as well. Hence disinfection is highly necessary. It would help if you all killed any odor coming from your truck. A cheap way of doing this is by sprinkling coffee beans everywhere in your truck and allow them to remain there for some minutes before sweeping it off.

Remove All Stains With Soap and Water

Don’t let stain stay on any part of your truck. The seats are the most susceptible to stain, so watch out for stains on them. If there is any, quickly remove it with soap and warm water.

Clean the Floor

Many people usually ignore the floor. Don’t, especially in spring. You can clean the floor with soap and water. It would be best if you also cleaned the dashboard and the headliner.

Don’t Ignore the Mats

You should thoroughly scrub the mats. If there are stains, scrub until you are sure that you had removed them. After washing the mats, do not return them to your truck immediately. Leave them outside to dry completely before you return them to their previous position.

Wash the Curtains

Washing the curtains in your truck should be a regular activity. Otherwise, they will accumulate dust and can breed bacteria. However, you must follow the washing instruction from the manufacturer. But if there is no special instruction, then you can wash the normal way you wash fabrics and let them dry outside before you return them to the truck

Change the Cabin Filter

As spring comes, it is time to change the cabin filter. That will refresh the air in your truck and protect you from pollution. But you must ensure you follow the replacement instruction in changing it.