Caring For Your Semi’s Tires

Keeping tires in good shape is key to speed and safety while out on the road. The tires on your truck are going to be seeing a lot of wear and tear from endless hours on road, so knowing how to care for them is important. When should they be rotated? What should you be concerned about? We’ll help you learn everything you need to know about your tires so that you can worry less and drive more.


Rotating tires is when you change the position of your tires to ensure they wear evenly as you drive. Uneven tires are at a much higher risk of popping, going flat, and in general causing an uneasy ride. Rotating is a standard piece of maintenance for all vehicles, but semi-trucks need it performed more often due to their hours on the road and heavy weight. If it is done properly on a regular basis, you’ll not only be safer, but get better miles per gallon.

So how often should you be rotating your tires? It’s not an exact science. Each rig is going to weigh something different and be carrying different weights, so you have some options. The first option is to follow the industry standard and rotate your tires every few months. You may also hear that tires should be rotated four times in their lifetime, but this will obviously vary greatly between vehicles. Your other option is to examine your tires on a regular basis to decide for yourself if they need rotating. If you’re noticing a tire seems particularly worn, go ahead and rotate.

Protecting Your Tires

Did you know that semi tires can be damaged even when your vehicle is parked? The excessive weight of many rigs means that vehicles with uneven weight distribution, or that are parked in one place for too long run the risk of damage. Without moving often enough, rigs can flatten tires just by resting on them.

How can this be prevented? Make sure that your rig is being moved every few days or weeks depending on weight, and that loads are kept as light as possible. Tires should always be inspected before a ride as well to check for damage before it’s too late.

In general, taking care of your tires is as easy as taking care of the rest of your vehicle, and routine inspections and preventative care can make all the difference. Don’t forget to contact Capital Diesel for help with inspections, truck repair Sacramento and if you ever find yourself stranded on the road.