What You Need to Know about Team Driving

Trucking is a hard job, and one that requires a lot of knowledge and specialization. Driving solo means privacy, but it also means taking on a lot of responsibility and sacrificing some freedom. Team driving can be a welcome solution for truckers looking to cut down on some of their duties, however it comes with some changes. We’ve broken down team driving, and what it might mean for you and your rig.

What Is Team Driving?

Team driving is exactly what the name suggests. Rather than one driver per truck, there are two who switch off at regular intervals. In theory, this allows trucks to travel much farther, as team drivers will always have ample time to catch up on sleep, eat and relax while the rig is still in motion.

Besides the obvious extra rest, team drivers often make more money. This again comes down to the extra distance trucks are able to travel with two drivers. If a company needs a delivery done fast, team drivers can guarantee less stops. By nearly doubling the miles traveled and having access to higher priority loads, the pay can be a fair amount better.

Team drivers also have the benefit of added security. You’ll no longer be alone during late night or early morning deliveries, can navigate unfamiliar routes with a partner and generally have an extra set of eyes. This can ease stress for both drivers, as they never have to worry about the rig being left alone or the risk of being targeted as a solo traveler. Besides this security, it can simply be more enjoyable to have a companion for long drives as a source of conversation and problem solving.

The Cons of Team Driving

All of this being said, there are some drawbacks to team driving that could turn off some truckers. For instance, there is virtually no truly alone time when you’re team driving. Always having a companion is ideal for some, but a nightmare for others. You’ll no longer be the solo decision maker, and will have to run things past another person who may disagree with you.

If this isn’t a problem for you, the final obstacle to team driving is the actually forming of the team. Picking someone who you can trust is crucial. You’ll be spending hours in a small space with this person, so it’s critical that you feel safe with them and confident in their solo trucking skills. There are several companies that can help match you with your perfect teammate, so never rush into a pairing.

Of course, even if you have a trusted teammate, it’s important to have a reliable mechanic team like Capital Diesel who can help you when you need it most.