How To Maximize Your Truck Driver Income

How To Maximize Your Truck Driver Income

There’s never been a better time than now to become a truck driver. The trucking industry needs passionate dedicated drivers who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure the safe delivery of goods. Truck driving offers drivers the opportunity of making a living while traveling, something not every industry can offer. Thanks to improved pay increments and bonus programs, drivers who wish to earn more, are more than capable of doing so.

Here’s how you too can earn more as a truck driver. You can pick a company that offers benefits. We found one good company: Prime, Inc.

Drivers who are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty can increase their pay based upon the extra things that they do while driving with the company.

Drive Efficiently And Safely
Timeliness and safety are important factors in bonus calculations. These two habits of truckers will have a direct impact on what they earn driving. Drivers who exhibit exemplary skills and have no safety violations will earn even more as drivers. Keeping mileage where it belongs and focusing on safety are two key factors in earning bonuses.

Train New Drivers
CDL instructors earn even more than regular drivers. For every driver trained you can earn as much as $3,175 more. After nine months of driving experience, you may qualify to train drivers.

CDL Instructors May Earn:
$300 per week for up to one month of training CDL permit students.
$500 bonuses when the student passes the CDL exam and $875 when they pass the first try.
$300 after students stay with the company for six months.
$300 after one year with the company.
$500 when students become lead drivers.

The referral program offers those who made the referral special bonuses per load, six months, every 3 drivers, and more. Get started today, you can even order business cards to hand out as referrals.

Stay With the Company
It can pay off to stay with us throughout your career. The longer you’re with us, the more bonuses you’ll earn. When you switch companies often you lose out on a lot of bonus monies that could have gone into your pocket.

If you’re seeking a career truck driving, Check out Prime today to see how you too can earn a living and make even more money truck driving.