What to Expect the First Year of Truck Driving

Whenever you start a new job, you have to be prepared for new challenges, and what the experience will be like. How will you get along with your co-workers? What will be the key differences between this job and your last one? When you decide to become a truck driver, you should already know that it’s a career much different than any other you’ve experienced. What will your first year as a truck driver look like, what should you expect?

First, it’s about the experience. Most of your first year on the road will consist of training. Once you get into a truck for the first time, you’ll learn how to operate it. This’ll happen long before you head out to the freeways. You’ll be eased into training, from the training pad to the highway, which will assist you in passing your CDL exam.  Training programs consist of a week of orientation, where you will become familiar with the safety procedures.

Truck driving is a different kind of challenge, and your trainers provide you with the support to get you through your day for safe travels. Take your time and be sure to learn all the protocols so that you’re prepared when it comes time to drive on your own.

Second, it changes your life. Instead of sitting at a desk or in front of a computer all the time, you have to learn to adapt to driving for hours and hours at a time. Pay attention to your surroundings and never falter as this can be a danger to both you and others sharing the road with you. Truck driving is far from being your typical 9-5 job, but it’s similar in the way that you’ll have a boss who gives you work, and you’ll be expected to fulfill your duties.

It’s also a huge change for your family. You can be away from them for weeks at a time, and you won’t always be able to text or call them regularly. Feeling homesick is common during the first few months, but you eventually become accustomed to it and learn to find way to communicate with your loved one.

Third, you will have to become an expert at time management. You’re responsible for making sure you don’t miss deadlines and getting your deliveries where they need to go on time. Your success stems from being able to get the job done and managing your time.

Last of all, you’ll love this career. With every job, there will be good days and bad. The hours will feel long, and you’ll miss your family, but there’s nothing quite as rewarding as a career is truck driving. The open road will give you a sense of freedom and you’ll be able to experience the roads of America the way it was meant to.

You’ll feel a sense of pride knowing that you’re serving millions by delivering goods to customers all over the country and making a great living.