Simple ways to keep your semi-truck clean

Simple ways to keep your semi-truck clean

Driving a truck for a living is a challenging profession on a whole and that includes keeping your interior space clean. Since your work require long trips across many miles it is necessary to address the cleanliness of your driving and sleeping area on a regular basis. After all a trip may take days, or even weeks to accomplish and cleanliness may get put on the back burner. Life happens and many times getting things clean and tidy become the last thing on our list. If your truck is thought of like your bedroom, the driving experience will be much more pleasant positively impacting your morale. So why not do a bit of spring cleaning in your semi to start your days off well.

Bail the Bulk
The first step makes the ones following easier cutting down on cleaning time considerably. Large and bulky items should be discarded first to make room while giving you more space to maneuver in. You will be able to see your entire inside cab with an uninhibited view; when you see more you can do more.

The Shakedown and Blow Out
Shake out floor mats and the best way is to take them outside to make sure the debris remains away from your truck’s inside and even a good soap and water spray should do the trick. Next in the bag of tricks will be an air blower or compressed air to remove debris settling as dust and dirt in nooks crannies, and surface areas.

Suck it Up
Sweep away all areas and then it is time to bring the vacuum out and do the rest. A good vacuum will suck up everything leaving areas clean and pristine.

Organized and Germ Free
Now that there is more space, swept and vacuumed then a good wipe down is in order, getting rid of germs and in its place you have a clean work space. Organize with milk crates to keep everything in a place neat and tidy. One more tip is to designate a shoe for every duty. That means work boots, driving shoes, and in times of hanging out shoes for that occasion as well.

Taking pride in your environment on an ongoing basis is top priority as it can impact future hiring opportunities. So keep your semi clean and decluttered it will work for you in the future.