Truck Driver Health Issues – Tips to Stay Healthy

A study in Canada has shown that the lifespan of a professional truck driver is as much as ten years shorter than the average person. Researchers at the University of a Moncton with the help of Atlantic Trucking Association have determined the reasons of their decreased life span an how to prevent it.

The average truck driver is 45 years of age and there are more drivers over the age of 55 than there are under the age of 30. It is apparent that truck drivers in general could and should have healthier habits. Studies have shown that the long hours of sitting and having poor sleep may be contributing to their shorter life spans and stress. Many drivers are also at a higher risk of developing diabetes during their career as well as other health issues. Being a truck driver is not a death sentence and many of the health issues can be prevented with healthy habits added into their daily routine.

Incorporating some healthy habits can go a long way into preventing a truck driver into becoming another unhealthy statistic. With the long hours of sitting during driving it is a great idea to incorporate stretching and walking to get your body moving and strengthen your muscles. Sleep is very important especially if the driver has sleep apnea, it is crucial that their prescribed CPAP machine be used to ensure a good night’s sleep. It is also not a bad idea to incorporate some weight training, even if it is only ten minutes a day. Also wearing the correct personal protection equipment such as ear protection and sunglasses when necessary can add to your long term health benefit.

A good way to add to your mental health when being on the road as a truck driver is incorporating something that relaxes you such as a hobby or game. Healthy food items should be a no brainier even though it is easy to grab some greasy fast food. Keeping a cooler in your truck full of fruits, cheese and crackers for snack time and remembering to grab a salad when you can. Caffeine is also something that should be avoided even though it does give you a temporary boost of energy it also can dehydrate you, so make sure to drink water.

It is easy to neglect your health and not make the right decisions all the time which is why it is crucial to follow these steps. Little changes daily can go a long way to add to your overall health and decrease your chances of diseases that truck drivers are prone to.