Top Maintenance Tips for Truck Drivers

Being safe on the road is a top priority for many truck drivers. With big vehicles comes more potential for big problems. But so often, the emphasis is on what to do after a hazard has taken place on the road. These tips are extremely helpful, but it would be even better to avoid these situations altogether.

Having preventative maintenance done regularly should be a tool in every truck driver’s tool belt. With mobile truck repair and maintenance companies like Capital Diesel, there is no excuse to forgo this crucial service. They perform repairs wherever you are!

There are a few standard things you should always get checked out before you start driving. Our list will give an overview of the top maintenance suggestions for trucks so you know what to look out for.

1) Tires: One of the easiest ways that your journey can be derailed is with faulty tires. You want to make sure that the tire pressure is correct. That not only keeps you from getting a flat, but it also keeps the tires in good condition. Which means you also want to check that your tires are in working order. Have the technician check for uneven tire wear or other issues, which can often be signals of a problem with another part of your truck.

2) Fluids: Having the right amount of fluids in your truck is very important. You need fluid for brakes, coolant, wipers, and the engine, just to name a few places. Cover your bases by making sure you have enough fluid and that it’s changed if needed. They are the lifeblood of any vehicle and, without these essential fluids being taken care of, you won’t get very far.

3) Lighting: Inspecting your lights is not just an easy way to make sure you don’t get pulled over. It also helps to avoid any accidents that could happen when the other vehicles on the road don’t have a clear idea of what your next move will be. Make sure all of your exterior lights are working properly – not just your headlights.

4) Electrical System: The electrical system is what makes it possible for you to go. This system starts the car and gives your truck the ability to perform essential tasks, like moving the windshield wipers. If you’ve never been forced to drive around in the rain without wipers, we don’t recommend it. Making sure this system works properly is necessary and should be done at least once a year.

These are the basics of a properly running vehicle, but the best plan of action is to tell your mobile repair service technician to do the works for an annual inspection. That way you know the important parts are all being serviced and you can drive safely.