Want Your Gear Box to Last Longer

Want Your Gear Box to Last Longer? Try This

You can eliminate the cost of maintaining your truck’s gearbox by practicing double clutching. Have you heard about it before? It is very easy and it works.

What is Double Clutching?

Double clutching simply involves clutching twice when you want to change gear. Conventionally, you press the clutch and change the gear. But this may have some adverse effects on your gear as the gear speed may not synchronize with the engine speed.

To practice double clutching, first depress the clutch and put your gear in neutral, then release the clutch. Depress the clutch again and then put the gear into the new position you want it. Everything should take a few seconds, but it is effective, and will you the cost of a truck repair.

Why Double Clutching?

It is always ideal that your gear speed synchronizes with your engine speed. If you depress the clutch and change the gear, it is unlikely that the speeds will be in sync with each other. But by putting the gear in neutral first, the car will slow down to the gear speed or speed up as may be applicable. Then changing the gear at that time will be perfect and with smooth transmission.

Benefits of Double Clutching

If you change your gear when the gear speed and the engine speed are not synchronized the gear teeth will not interlock perfectly and this may lead to grinding which will invariably cause wear and tear. But if the gear is in neutral, the transmission will be smooth, the gear teeth will mesh perfectly and your wear and tears will be avoided.

Which Vehicles Need Double Clutching?

Of course, double clutching only applies to manually transmitted gear system. But most of the recently manufactured vehicles with manual transmission now have synchronizers. This device helps to ensure the gear speed corresponds with the engine speed. If your vehicle has a synchronizer, then there might be no need to practice double clutching, as your gear selector’s teeth will be saved. Your transmission will also be smooth. But don’t jubilate yet. The complexity of many large trucks makes even the synchronizer not to be effective in saving the gear teeth and ensuring smooth transmission. If a truck has multiple gears as most of the large trucks in the US do, then synchronizers will not be able to save your gear. So, you must still stick to the double clutching method.

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