While You Wait for Help Be Sure You Are Safe

While You Wait for Help Be Sure You Are Safe

As a truck driver, going on a long journey is what we do most of the time. We’ve got used to it and it is not a problem. But sometimes, we may get stuck. Though it doesn’t happen always, it is not strange to see a truck developing fault during a trip. It might happen anywhere and at any time. the worst is if it happens when you are in an unfamiliar place. Well, in every situation. The first and most important thing to consider is safety.

So, how do you ensure you are safe while you are waiting for assistance?

  • Park Your Vehicle Well

The first thing is to ensure you park your vehicle in the right place. It must be park safely away from the path of other road users. You never can tell who is coming at a high speed.

  • Put on Your Hazard Light

Put on the emergency light to warn other road users. Unfortunately, sometimes the faulty truck might not be able to show any light. In that case, put up the C caution sign. Even if you have the emergency light on, the caution sign is also important.

  • Call for Help

One of the safety precautions you must always take as a truck driver is having a phone with you. Of course, it must have call credit and an active battery. The phone is useless if there is no airtime or the battery is down. You must also have the number to call for assistance in time like this already stored on your phone. So, immediately after your car is well parked, call for help. You must also inform your office, your family, and friends of the situation you are in.

  • Maintain Constant Contact With the Assistant

After being assured that help is on the way, maintain constant contact with whoever is coming to assist you. You must know where they are give them proper direction if they need one and be sure of when they will arrive.

  • Be Careful of Strangers

While you may need assistance to get your truck well parked or in some other areas during the incident, be careful of strangers. There are many good people on every American road, but here are also some bad eggs that would want to take advantage of your unfortunate situation to harm or steal from you. Be careful who you get help from, and don’t take the words of everybody that comes to you for it.

  • Be Sure You Get the Right People

When the assistants finally come, be sure they are the right persons. Ask for their identity and confirm it. That is not being rude. It is called being safe.

Do You Need Help With your Truck?

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