Why You Must Change Your Truck Oil Regularly

Why You Must Change Your Truck Oil Regularly

Oil plays an important role in reducing friction, cooling down engine parts, and prolonging the life span of a truck’s engine. Therefore, it is necessary for you to change your engine oil periodically. Knowing the right time to do that will also promote smooth and safe driving. If you leave your engine oil unchanged, it will lead to wear and tear of your engine parts. This will cause you even more to repair. It might even be worse if it leads to an accident or you get stuck in the middle of a journey. But it is not enough to know when to change your vehicle’s oil, It is also important to use the right oil. So, what type of oil is the best for your truck?

Conventional Oil versus Synthetic Oil

If you know much about engine oils you will know that there are two major types – conventional oil and synthetic oil. They come at different prices and each type has its unique features.

The conventional oil is natural. It is made from crude oil and it lubricates well and it is particularly ideal for trucks as it is good in preventing friction. It is also good for new cars as surfaces of the engine parts will still be sharp and rough. However, this type of oil contains a significant amount of pollutants and hence releases gases that pollute the environment.

Synthetic oil on the other hand is an artificial oil made to correct the negative feature of conventional oil. Hence, synthetic oil has better properties than conventional oil. It is equally good in reducing friction and cooling down the engine parts. But in addition, it doesn’t cause as much pollution as conventional oil and it can withstand a higher temperature than the other type of oil. However, Synthetic oil requires more frequent changes than conventional oil. That means it will cost you more to use synthetic oil than conventional oil.

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